Creating a Vision Board

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San José State University Fellow, Bellina Bui, shares her thoughts on how a vision board can help students navigate their career goals and create a professional career plan. 


In this blog post, I will teach you how to make a vision board that will allow you to live your legacy.

This vision board will be a 4-year college planning board, however, you can adjust the approach for any goal you have for yourself. When I first started college, I was overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do in order to give myself that “competitive edge.” It is so stressful: keeping your grades up, working a job, and keeping your social life together. Don’t forget! You also need to get involved in school and constantly search for internships.

Fear not! Grab a pencil, computer, and all your crafty materials.

Step 1: Do your research

Research is very important. Start by considering the types of activities you like to do and think about jobs that would allow you to do these activities. You can then begin googling these ideal jobs at different companies. As you review the various job descriptions, jot down all the qualifications on a piece of paper and spend some time comparing and contrasting the different qualifications different companies are seeking. This approach will give you a full view of the skills and experiences needed to pursue these roles.  

Step 2: Begin crafting your 4-year vision

Now that you have a sense of what companies are looking for grab 4 boards, papers, or posters. These tools will be used to create a 4-year agenda. On year 1 write down goals that you know you can commit to and that will satisfy some of the qualifications you observed in the job descriptions. For example, if your job requires you to have experience in management, one of your goals for the year could be seeking a shift supervisor position at your current part-time job or becoming the lead organizer in a club event. Continue to go through the job qualifications you wrote down and establish goals for each year in college. Your board should feel feasible and exciting and set you up for career success. 

And of course, there is definitely more to life than success. On your board put down some personal goals for yourself whether it is to spend more time with family or skydive. This board will help you plan your next move for any goal you have for yourself, allowing you to embrace the journey.