Engineering the future

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Meet Antoinette Martin, a Junior studying Computer Engineering at SJSU.


Antoinette is an engineer because she “likes a challenge of finishing something difficult.” However, maybe unexpectedly, Antoinette’s #sidehustle has little to do with her academic major; she is becoming a self-made model.

Her Instagram has over 1,000 followers! As a self-made model, she dedicates about 10 hours a week towards editing photos and establishing her brand.

“The Braven community built my confidence up freshmen year and inspired me to #livemylegacy,” she says.

She plans to own her own high-tech fashion company in the future.

“My parents told me I could only focus on one thing professionally, but I want to do both,” says Antoinette.

The Braven community proudly supports Antoinette’s success of bringing her tech knowledge into the fashion world. To learn about other Fellows’ sidehustles please visit our Instagram page @BeBraven.