10 Reasons Why Joining Braven Will Impact Your Life Forever:

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Compiled by Viviana Uribe, Braven Marketing/ Recruitment Intern

Besides Braven being the best fellowship on campus, here are other reasons you should join us and become the next generation of leaders:

1. The connections you make in Braven can lead you to where you need to be. -Robert Remuszka (Spring ‘17 Post Accelerator Fellow)







2. The program will expose you to companies and businesses that you may be interested in long term. -Taylor Brask (Spring ‘16 Post Accelerator Fellow)







3. You may end up working for Braven as your first strong job after graduation, just like me! – Martha Mendoza (Spring ‘14 Post Accelerator Fellow, Braven Staff Member)







4. Through Braven’s events and activities you learn more about your story, strengths, and weaknesses so that you have a clear career path. -Janell Suttle (Fall ‘17 Fellow)







5. You will learn  how to “wow!” your interviewers. -Jisette Duran (Fall ‘17 Fellow)







6. You will feel more confident about going after opportunities and achieving them after going through Braven. -Gabriela Dorwani (Fall ‘17 Fellow)







7. You can be apart of an on-campus network of like-minded and driven emerging leaders. -Joseph Pinho (Leadership Coach)








8. You will receive group, peer, and one-on-one coaching around your professional, educational, and personal goals. -Cassandra Castillo (Leadership Coach)







9. This community is one that extends beyond the semester program, accompanying you on your journey post-college and into the start career. -David Arteaga (Leadership Coach)








10. You will not meet another diverse group of people as devoted to your success as this one. Here at Braven each staff member, leadership coach, and Fellow, is rooting for you! – Lissete Estrada (Newark Program Manager)