Top 10 Reasons to Take the Braven Course

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We believe leaders emerge from everywhere. The future demands that people, like yourself, have the professional skills, confidence, and experiences to thrive in today’s competitive world. You get that and more at Braven. Here are the top 10 reasons to take the Braven course. 


1) Gain a network of supporters

When you join Braven, you build meaningful connections with everyone around you – peers, Leadership Coaches, your cohort, and the Braven team. You receive group, peer, and one-on-one coaching around your professional, educational, and personal goals. When we go together, we go further.


2) Make a big campus small

Whether your school is large in student population or in acres, it can be challenging to form connections and engage with other students. Braven makes campuses feel smaller by providing a supportive community of diverse individuals devoted to your success. Each Fellow, Leadership Coach, and Braven team member roots for you and is there when you need them.


3) Connect with working professionals

Our Leadership Coaches are working professionals who play an instrumental role in the Braven Accelerator course. As a Fellow, you meet with your coach and a small group of peers each week to engage in skill-building simulations, practices, and experiences. Our coaches offer guidance, advice, and encouragement to their Fellows so they can develop their skill sets and grow both individually and professionally.


4) Get access to great opportunities

Our unique partnership model with universities and employers allows us to build career development directly in the undergraduate experience. As a part of Braven, you get ongoing access to internship and job opportunities through newsletters, our social media channels, and networking opportunities facilitated by Braven.


5) Learn how to combine your passions and strengths for a great career

Throughout the course, Braven helps you recognize your passions and strengths and encourages you to pursue those in your career. Our “Design Your Career” project teaches Fellows to not only identify their values, strengths, and passions but how to merge those into a meaningful career.


6) Build your confidence and gain new skills

Through weekly learning labs, ongoing coaching, online modules, and special events, you will bolster your confidence and fine-tune the skills necessary for success after graduation. We provide the tools and environment for you to build your leadership skills and channel your ambition and hard work. As a Fellow, you will sharpen important skills sought by today’s top employers – working in teams, leadership, problem-solving, networking, communicating effectively, and operating and managing.


7) Start your career strong

Our Fellow community is seeing exciting success beyond graduation. After 12 months, Braven college graduates outpaced their peers nationally by 30 percentage points in obtaining a strong first job or enrolling in graduate school.


8) Learn to tell your story

Through Braven’s course activities and Storytelling as Leadership Workshop, you will learn how to leverage your life stories as a career asset. We understand the importance of reflecting on past experiences and learning from those so we can improve and reach our goals.


9) Earn credit toward graduation

You heard right folks – get course credit for taking the Braven course – all while you build career-accelerating skills and gain access to great internships and job opportunities!


10) Benefit from post-course support

At Braven, we believe that when we go together, we go further. Over 90% of Fellows want to stay involved with Braven after the course, while still at their university. What does that look like?

  • Connect to internship, job, and volunteer opportunities with Braven and Employer Partners
  • Opt into additional career mentorship
  • Gain membership to or help lead the on-campus Braven club
  • Access opportunities to continue to build your professional skills

Gain access to ongoing opportunities to build your leadership, skills, and networks.

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