Braven Intern to Full-Time Employee

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Rowan at work

By: Aliceya Jerome (Fall 2018 Fellow, Rutgers-Newark)

Rowan Tatai was a Braven Fellow at Rutgers University – Newark in the Spring of 2016. After the course, she interned with Braven and most recently was hired full time as a Product Support Specialist for Braven. Braven loves to see past Fellows develop and grow in their careers. As a current Braven intern, I was curious about Rowan’s journey from Fellow to full-time employee at Braven. Here’s what she had to say:


When did you take Braven?

I took Braven in Spring 2016, which was the second class at Rutgers – Newark—back when you didn’t get credits for taking it!


What did you learn or take away with you after taking the course and how has it helped you develop in your career today?

There’s a ton of key takeaways. After starting my career, Braven instilled in me that my head and heart have to be aligned to really be authentic, excel, and make an impact. Because of that, I am self-empowered and motivated in my career.


What advice would you give someone else when transitioning from an internship to a full-time position?

For people who are currently interning, aim to be the best intern the company ever had and build relationships with people.


What advice would you give people who realize they don’t like the team or department they’re in?

The advice remains the same—work hard and network. Talk to people in the company to find out more about other career opportunities. And remember, if you’re ever being considered for an opportunity within a different team, there’s a high probability that people will go back to your manager, so let your work do the talking.

If they’re starting a full-time role:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  2. Keep a work journal
  3. Be proactive

And the obvious—connect and network. The advice I received most often is that your success lies in the breadth and depth of your network, so start early. Get to know the people you’re working with, but also expand and connect with people from other teams and departments.