5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Job Search

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With college graduation right around the corner, tons of new grads and college students are jumping into the job market for full-time roles and summer internships. To make sure you’re prepared to succeed in your job search, we’ve collected 5 things many job seekers wish they knew before hitting “Easy Apply.”


1) Organize your search

It can feel overwhelming when you send out multiple job applications each day. You’re uploading resumes, tailoring cover letters, and trying to keep track of every role and company you apply to. To ensure you stay on top of things and don’t miss an interview, check out our video on tracking your job applications.

After each job application, fill out a tracker and set reminders to update it as you schedule interviews. By organizing your job search, you’ll have all your information in one place and can easily keep track of your progress, interviews, and offers!


2) Use your network

Up to 85% of jobs are filled via networking. The hidden job market is real, and tons of jobs are being filled without being publicly advertised. What does this mean for you? It’s time to expand your virtual network and boost your career with informational interviews! 

Informational interviews allow you to meet (virtually or in person) with professionals in your desired industry, get career advice, and build connections within a company. So not only do you gain insight into a particular role or industry, but you also gain a new connection and potential referral (and they say you can’t have your cake and eat it too).


3) Leverage your LinkedIn

Whether you’re entering the corporate world or joining the workforce as a frontline worker, leveraging your LinkedIn can substantially improve your job search process. The Braven accelerator course covers how to maximize each section on your profile, leading you to an “All-Star” rating.

Here are the sections we recommend having fully optimized before applying to jobs:

  • About
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills & Endorsements (request some from your cohort)
  • Recommendations (request one from your Leadership Coach)
  • Courses
  • Organizations (include Braven)

Pro Tip: Let recruiters know you’re open to work


4) Tell your story

While many job seekers dread the oh-so-exhausting cover letter, we like to look at that experience from a different angle. Your cover letter is the perfect place to expand on your resume and tell your story. This one-page PDF is your secret weapon to winning over the hiring manager and getting that first interview.

Instead of reiterating what’s already listed on your resume, focus on connecting with the hiring manager by building emotional rapport, empathizing, and sharing stories that exemplify the company’s desired skills and attributes for the role. Be concise, authentic, and craft a plot that follows a basic pattern – beginning, build-up, turning point, and end.

Remember to be original and skip the template – good storytelling makes any cover letter come alive. Check out our Founder Aimée’s Ted Talk on How Your Unique Story Can Get You Hired!


5) Stay resilient

Opening your email and seeing rejection letters from companies can feel discouraging and leave you disheartened. To stay in the game and build resilience, you’ll need to treat your job search like a job, stick to a schedule to avoid getting lost in the application blur, take frequent breaks, and lean on your support system.

By setting a schedule for job applications, you’ll spend your time working smarter, not harder. Bookmark your favorite job sites, create a list of the types of roles and companies you’re interested in, and utilize your job application tracker.

Take breaks and schedule days where you don’t even think about job applications. Giving your mind that time to rest and rejuvenate will help you stay resilient in your search.

Lean on your support system – this can include family, friends, classmates, and even your Braven cohort. By being open and sharing your experience with others, it’ll open the door to conversations that can include helpful advice and words of encouragement, potential job postings you may be a match for, and can even lead you to inspiring informational interviews.


Remember: you can do this.


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