5 Things You’ll Learn in Braven

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With the Spring semester underway, we asked Braven’s Post-Accelerator Fellows the most meaningful takeaways they had after completing the Accelerator course. From building confidence and networking to learning how to connect your strengths with your passions, our Fellows gain the skills needed to succeed in strong jobs after graduation – and you can too.


Build your confidence with new skills

Braven Fellows learn how to build their confidence in weekly Learning Labs, ongoing coaching, networking events, and online modules. Braven provides the tools and environment for you to build your skills in leadership, networking, and interviewing. 

“The best part of Braven was learning how to improve my team-building and leadership skills. My cohort and Leadership Coach helped me open up and overcome my inhibitions, allowing me to really connect with my group that I otherwise wouldn’t have been as comfortable connecting with in a regular classroom setting.” 

-Qarsam Amin, 2019 Braven Fellow


Connect with professionals

Our Fellows don’t just meet with a cohort of other students each week – they receive ongoing support and mentorship from a Leadership Coach. Our Leadership Coaches are working professionals who lead weekly Learning Labs and meet with you one-on-one to offer guidance, advice, and encouragement.

“My Leadership Coach was so kind and caring about each person in our cohort. She provided professional guidance and opened our minds to new career opportunities. Throughout the Braven course – interviews, courses, and personal relationships – she was there on the sideline as our cheerleader.”

-Katelyn Zamarron, 2019 Braven Fellow


Start your career strong

The Braven community continues to see exciting success beyond graduation. Braven Fellows are outpacing their peers nationally by 22 percentage points in obtaining strong first jobs within 6 months of graduation.

“Braven undoubtedly shaped my perspective on what it means to hustle and put my best foot forward. I learned how valuable networking is and had many opportunities to connect with industry leaders in both technology and business. I secured my first internship and my first-time role as a technology analyst thanks to the mentorship and skills I developed at Braven.”

-Ali Nour, 2018 Braven Fellow


Learn how to tell your story

Braven teaches Fellows how to leverage their stories as a career asset. Fellows develop strong storytelling skills through course activities and Braven’s Storytelling as Leadership Workshop. When we reflect on past experiences, we learn how to improve and reach our goals.

“Get comfortable with telling your unique story. It will allow you to set yourself apart from the competition when you interview and build strong meaningful relationships with others.”

-Carlos Barraza, 2015 Braven Fellow


Learn how to combine your passions and strengths

Braven helps Fellows recognize their passions and strengths, and encourages them to pursue those in their careers. Our “Design Your Career” module teaches Fellows how to identify their values, strengths, and passions while merging those into a meaningful career.

“In just one semester, Braven helped me discover my passions, strengthen my leadership skills, and network with talented professionals. It not only gave me the tools and skills I needed to pursue a career in marketing and communications, but it also gave me the confidence to set ambitious goals and achieve them.”

-Gabi Bilbo, 2017 Braven Fellow


Around 90% of Fellows stay involved with Braven beyond the accelerator course. Our post-accelerator experience provides you with professional mentoring, access to internships and job opportunities, Braven’s campus club, online content access, and skill-building events. Interested in joining our community? Learn more about the Fellow experience.