A Day in the Life of a Braven Intern

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By: Aliceya Jerome (Fall 2018 Fellow, Rutgers – Newark)

Ever wondered what it is like to work and be part of the Braven team? Let’s take an inside look and hear from two Fellows currently interning with the Braven team in Newark, New Jersey. Meet Rashi Verma and Ben Janrungrodsakun, Operations Interns responsible for completing independent projects and providing support in logistics, production, and event management throughout the Braven course.


When did you take the Braven course and how was your experience?

Rashi: I took Braven in Fall 2017 and had an enriching experience. I went to high school in India where no one talks about careers, part-time jobs, internships, or resumes before completing college. When I came back to the United States, I was pretty clueless! The course was slightly different from what I had expected, because I had never done design thinking projects in school like the Capstone Challenge, but it was the perfect introduction to the professional world for me!

Ben: I was a Braven Fellow in Fall 2017. I made some new friends and met a wonderful mentor—Jeffrey Key!


What is one thing you learned from the accelerator and how has that helped or benefited you in your internship?

Rashi: I learned that it’s best to be your truest, most authentic self. I also learned that everyone is working to improve. Braven gave me the confidence to apply for internships. Now that I’m currently in my internship, I’m not afraid to ask questions or speak up and give suggestions when I have an idea or when I think something could be done a different way.

Ben: One thing I learned from the Braven course was how to tell an interesting story of my life. It has helped me to simplify how I can tell people that I can be a good fit for their company.


What is it like interning with Braven?

Rashi: It’s so much fun! I value honesty, clear and open communication, and flexibility to achieve efficiency. Braven is full of all those things. Interns are encouraged to give feedback and to manage up to the manager. We’re encouraged to give suggestions and to have open, honest, authentic communication with one another—I cherish this about Braven. Our managers and supervisors work as mentors and actively help us to grow as individuals and professionals—they truly help shape our future.

Ben: Interning with Braven has been an absolute pleasure. The Braven team ensures your academics come first and the work is meaningful.


What advice would you give someone who is trying to acquire an internship with Braven or anywhere else?

Rashi: Find a mentor who can help guide you throughout the process. Sit down with professionals from the field you’re applying to and complete informational interviews—lots of them! Then practice interviewing. Most importantly, be confident and present your authentic self.

Ben: Research the company and the team. They should also develop a pitch or story explaining why they would be a good fit for the role.


After talking with Rashi and Ben, working with Braven seems to be not only an enjoyable experience but also a place where you can grow and develop further in your career! Fellows, keep your eyes open for the biweekly operations newsletter from Braven on employer internship opportunities!