A Message that Matters: Meet Tori Castro

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Meet Tori! A recent Public Relations Graduate from SJSU.


Like most recent college graduates, Tori is deep into the job hunting process.

“Some of my friends received full-time positions out of internships, others are beginning the job hunt now,” says Tori.

As Tori immerses herself into the job hunting process, she knows it is important to remember what is important to her and what she loves to do.

Tori’s #sidehustle is personal branding.

“I’m using my voice to let people know who I am, and what I stand for, I want to empower others to empower each other,” says Tori.

Tori came up with the #sidehustle hashtag to define what type of manager she wants to be.

“I think that this is a concept all future managers should have, you can’t just expect people to do work for you, they have to care about the work they’re doing,” she says.

This concept took Tori to New York last week where she was named one of the Most Promising Multicultural Students by the American Advertising Federation. Way to Go Tori! Throughout the week, Tori will help our Fellows show their personal brands. To learn about our other Fellows’ side hustles, visit our Instagram @BeBraven throughout this week.

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