In 2013, CEO & Founder Aimée (pronounced ah-me) Eubanks Davis launched Braven. As a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow, Aimée identified the education-to-employment gap as the focus of her fellowship project. Aimée identifies herself as a talent nerd given she has spent many years of her career overseeing Teach For America’s human capital and diversity work. Compelled by her own experience, and those of many close to her, she felt great urgency to develop a successful, sustainable, diverse talent strategy for our nation. She garnered financial support and built a founding team to bring this vision into reality. The Braven team piloted several programs in both the K-12 and higher education spaces during its first two years of operations. It became clear that Braven should focus its programming on solving the education-to-employment gap given the high level of need and the organization’s initial success with college students. With a thoughtful and strategic focus, Braven sets forth into the 2015-2016 school year with programming at San José State University and Rutgers University – Newark.


Our next generation of leaders will emerge from everywhere.

We envision an American Dream Team – 100,000 leaders-in-the-making prepared to thrive in high-impact roles after college graduation. In this future, being from a low-income bracket, a certain race, the first in your family to go to college, etc. no longer determines access to economic opportunity. Young leaders will have the runway required to live lives of mobility and impact, wherever their stories begin.

Life is a startup. It takes individual courage and ingenuity but it also requires a community of believers. That’s why our Fellows and Leadership Coaches believe in pulling as they climb. Emboldened by their own Braven experience, they pay it forward to the next generation.

In partnership with colleges, universities, committed employers, and partner organizations, we will work toward our theory of action by contributing to, enhancing, and activating investments they are making in underrepresented young people.


“O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”

Our nation stands upon the founding ideal of equality of opportunity. Today the growing disparities in access to economic opportunity call this ideal into question. Despite this reality, we know this does not have to be true. A committed community of champions working towards this cause can make the touchstone for the American Dream still attainable.

Like the word brave signifies and our nation’s people have proved time and time again, our Fellows are resilient, ambitious, and hard-working. Braven is plural, which symbolizes that there is often something more powerful than personal and individual bravery; we can go further together toward a collective vision for change.

  • To be Braven is to persist through challenges in the pursuit of one’s dreams.
  • To be Braven is to present oneself authentically and share one’s unique assets, skills, and perspectives with the world.
  • To be Braven is to know that others helped you on your path to success and to help others on theirs.
  • To be Braven is to understand and believe that people coming from all walks of life should have the opportunity to achieve their fullest life potential.
  • To be Braven is to believe this nation must uphold its commitment to equality of opportunity for all.

Our LogoBraven_visualmark

Our logo is an insignia that draws inspiration from continuity, connection, and the wisdom knot. To us, this unique mark also represents the strength of community and power that comes from working together as a team. Very strong knots are hard to take apart and can withstand even the strongest tests of nature.

Braven is a community built on not only excellence and accomplishment, but also the process of preparing for and anticipatingthe journey ahead. As we each go forth on our respective journeys, we are bound together by our shared values and strong support of one another. We are on the leadership journey together, and we always reach back to pull others with us and feel responsible for the next generation.

Given that our community expands far beyond our team, we hope you will join us and show your support of our work by following us on social media.

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