Our Core Values

Our values inspire and guide our behaviors. They are the bedrock of our foundation and we embody these beliefs.

Demonstrate don’t debate.

We have intrinsic drive, never give up, and prove what is possible through our actions. Our goals are ambitious and measurable. Our belief in our vision is urgent and unshakeable.

Embrace the journey.

We continually reflect and rigorously improve to reach our destination. We celebrate success, and leverage setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. We challenge and inspire each other. Our collective memory is filled with laughter, joy and fun!

Find a way.

Robust data and past experience guide our decisions. Being disciplined while also nimble and innovative is critical to uncovering our full potential. We greet new ideas with a sense of possibility.

Go together; go further.

Maintaining a generosity of spirit is critical as we work in partnership and seek the perspectives of others enabling us to understand the limits of our own. Our diverse community is one of our greatest assets, and we work to ensure and promote inclusive environments that foster equality of opportunity.

Live your legacy.

We align our actions with our beliefs and have the courage to do what is right even when it is hardest to do so. We are transparent about our decisions and actions, and authentic in all that we do. Others paved the path for us; we must do it for others.