Braven Announces Winner of 2022 Fellow Card Design Content

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Braven invited Fellows and Post-Accelerator Fellows to submit their unique art for our first “2022 Card Design Contest” with a chance to win a $200 gift card and have their work published on our end of year celebration greeting card. Each design created by our talented Fellows represents the theme Our Hope for the Future Workforce.

We are thrilled to announce the winner of the 2022 Fellow Card Cover Design Contest: Alondra Obispo, BravenX Fall 2019 Fellow. Below is her design as well as her written statement.

Alondra Obispo

“When envisioning what the future workforce would look like, I was instantly reminded of all the module assignments and Learning Lab sessions that I had when I took the Braven program in my fall semester (2019). The Braven program has prepared Fellows to obtain strong-first jobs after college by equipping them with grit, self confidence, and hope as well as the soft skills that are essential to thrive in the current job market and beyond. I envision a workforce where Fellows have the capability to become leaders in their own careers and make a difference in the world.”

The runner up was BravenX Spring 2021 Chelsea Zhao who submitted a colored pencil drawing. In her written statement, she shared: 

“In this colored pencil drawing, I was inspired by the support BravenX has provided me and the amazing people I had the luck to work together in a team. When I think back on our experience, I think of the diversity and differences that served as strength in our problem-solving strategies. I find joy in my heart when I see some of my teammates making milestones on LinkedIn, so I dedicate this drawing to our team for striving for our individual dreams but also the collective dream of the world: the future workforce. “

Additionally, our other finalists included:

Courtney Melvin, Spelman Fall 2022 Fellow 

“The way that I envisioned this design was by emphasizing the type of environments that Braven offers to their employees. A common complaint amongst the typical American employee is that their job has a toxic work environment. Braven stands out in that they make sure to establish an atmosphere that encourages trust, community engagement, inclusivity, and professional development. Braven tries their best to make sure of that.” 

Guzel Abdubek, San Jose State University Fall 2022 Fellow 

“I chose the color green as the main one in my design since it represents the productivity and innovation of the future workforce in addition to being the complementary color to red, the color of Braven’s logo. The yellow surrounding the Braven logo symbolizes the positivity and optimism I and many of my peers have going to school and preparing ourselves for our careers.”


As you can tell, it was a tough decision. Please join us in celebrating the winners!