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Five Tips From a First-Gen Rutgers Graduate: ‘What I Wish I Knew Before I Started College’

Five Tips From a First-Gen Rutgers Graduate: ‘What I Wish I Knew Before I Started College’

In Newark, Braven is Moving the Needle on New Jersey’s ‘Stubborn Racial Wealth Gap’

Braven supports students from humble beginnings from college to career by partnering with Rutgers University-Newark and employer partners to offer a two-part experience that begins with a credit-bearing college class followed by a post-course experience that lasts through graduation.

Braven Releases Annual Impact Report Highlighting SJSU Student Fellows’ Outcomes

Nonprofit Braven is built on the premise that when students who have not had the benefits of affluent circumstances are provided the same level of support and opportunities, they will excel.

How to Find a Strong First Job After College

imée Eubanks Davis, CEO, and founder of Braven, believes that a strong, high-quality first job can make all the difference for students of color, especially those from low-income families.

College degree doesn’t pay off as well for first-generation grads

New research shows these grads get lesser jobs at lower pay than better-connected classmates.

First-Generation College Grads Face More Hurdles in the Job Market

When first-generation students aim high, research still shows that employers prefer candidates from elite universities who are more likely to be from higher income levels and social classes.

Here’s How A Fellowship Program Helped Rutgers-Newark Students Land Pivotal Internships, Careers During 2020

Affer taking the Braven Accelerator course last year, over 100 Rutgers University-Newark students attained a job straight out of school or entered into a graduate program.

Closing Opportunity Gaps in High School, College, and the Workforce

After completing the Braven Accelerator course, Rishan Campbell participated in a 3 month “Professional Mentorship” program, which offered individual mentoring and specific, just-in-time help with interview and resume preparation.

Celebrate President Obama’s 60th Birthday by Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders!

Get to know 60 changemakers in the Obama Foundation, one of which is Braven’s Founder and CEO Aimée Eubanks Davis!

Helping Underrepresented Students Get on the Path to Economic Mobility

Higher education has a responsibility to help students, especially underrepresented students, support themselves financially post-graduation. Using leadership coaching, sharing of networks and mentoring, schools can help their learners get on the path to economic mobility.