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Sincerity and Networking Go Hand in Hand

We live in an era where networking is a necessity. Our professional networks lead to more business opportunities, a greater source of connections, and meaningful experiences. What’s important to keep in mind is that sincerity and networking is about making valuable, sincere connections with others.

Developing Your Personal Brand

When you hear the word “brand”, you probably think of popular companies like Nike, Apple, and Google. But large corporations with trademarks aren’t the only ones with brands. You, as an individual, have your own personal brand.

“Undercover” at the Campus Career Fair

Attending a career fair can be exciting and extremely nerve-racking at the same time. Read about Jimmy Vo’s undercover experience at his campus career fair and check out his tips for mastering your next career fair.

Interning at NASA, a critical step on my path to my career

Sanjana Shetty, Fall 2016 Braven Fellow at San Jose State University, interned as a Software Engineer NASA. Read about her incredible experience pursuing STEM and working in the Human-Computer Interaction Department at NASA.

6 Keys to a Successful Job Search

Daniel Alter, Special Projects Manager for Braven, has held multiple roles in teaching, coaching, and at nonprofits. These experiences taught him what it takes for a successful job search. Check out his tips he picked up along the way!

Living My Legacy After Graduation

Christina Arredondo, Spring 2016 Braven Fellow at SJSU, thought she would pursue a master’s degree after graduation. Little did she know she would drive 26 hours to start a new chapter of her life in Texas and land her dream job — one she didn’t think she was qualified for.

Choosing a Career in Journalism

Choosing a major and a career path can be daunting. The Braven team caught up with San José State University Braven Brand Ambassador, Martin Tran, to learn about his interest in a journalism career.

Dyllan’s declassified career fair survival guide

There are still a few more steps you should take that can set you apart from other interested candidates, help you build your network, and help you improve for next time.

Career Fair Do’s and Don’ts

It’s career fair season on our campuses, so we caught up with Braven Fellows, Amariya Manley and Kennis Ko, at San José State University to get some advice for our #BravenNation.

Lessons from My Summer Internship at the Women’s Community Clinic

Li Juan shares lessons learned during her summer internship at the Women’s Community Clinic.