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Choosing a Career in Journalism

Choosing a major and a career path can be daunting. The Braven team caught up with San José State University Braven Brand Ambassador, Martin Tran, to learn about his interest in a journalism career.

Dyllan’s declassified career fair survival guide

There are still a few more steps you should take that can set you apart from other interested candidates, help you build your network, and help you improve for next time.

Career Fair Do’s and Don’ts

It’s career fair season on our campuses, so we caught up with Braven Fellows, Amariya Manley and Kennis Ko, at San José State University to get some advice for our #BravenNation.

Kaitlyn Iglesias Reflects on Her Internship Interview Experience

Kaitlyn Iglesias reflects on her internship interview process as well as her time at a large accounting firm. Read some of her biggest takeaways!

I Graduated—Now What?

You’ve graduated—now what? Check out Leadership Coach David Arteaga’s superb advice on how to face the world post-graduation.

Career Advice from a Braven Fellow: Seven Things to Do to Help Land an Internship

Jamilah Hosan is a San José State University Fall 2016 Braven Fellow. Read her helpful tips on how to land your dream internship!

My Journey to Google

Jalil Ahmad, Fall 2015 SJSU Fellow, shares how he learned about Google’s BOLD intern program and took the leap to apply — and got accepted!

Living My Legacy: First-Generation College Student

May 27th is #ProofPointDay when we celebrate first-generation college students and graduates. We admire your resiliency, commitment, and diligence!