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5 Things You’ll Learn in Braven

We asked Braven’s Post-Accelerator Fellows for their most meaningful learnings after completing the Accelerator course. Read through their inspiring advice!

First-Gen Rutgers Grad Has Five Tips on Mentorship: First, It Takes a Village

Andrej Gjorgiev is a first-generation immigrant and graduate of Rutgers University-Newark’s Class of 2021. He is currently a Program Manager of Workforce Development at Braven. Here are some tips to finding mentors and maintaining your relationships with them.

Why it is imperative to help 1st-generation students get over hidden hurdles — and land that 1st job

In a new country, where his parents had no experience or networks and were working to rebuild from scratch, Degefu felt the pressure to obtain his college degree and land a job that would put him and his family on the path to economic prosperity. Little did he know, there was more to landing a job than a bachelor’s degree. Many will be surprised to learn this fact: Only 30% of our country’s 1.3 million first-generation or low-income college enrollees are predicted to land a strong job after graduation.

People of Braven: Andrew Arredondo

Andrew Arredondo is a Braven fellow, an intern for Junior Achievement, is pursuing his second master’s degree (you heard that right, folks!), and is on the autism spectrum. Clearly, Andrew is nothing short of amazing. Read about how he hasn’t let anything prevent him from leading the life he wants.

Forbes Under 30 Summit Experience

Claudia Saavedra (Fall ‘17 Fellow) is now a graduate student at Rutgers University-Newark. She recently had the opportunity to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit, so we caught up with her to find out how she was able to snag that awesome opportunity and what her experience was like.

“Undercover” at the Campus Career Fair

Attending a career fair can be exciting and extremely nerve-racking at the same time. Read about Jimmy Vo’s undercover experience at his campus career fair and check out his tips for mastering your next career fair.

My values and strengths are paving the way for my future

Martin Tran’s values and strengths are paving the way for his future. He’s learned valuable lessons from his family about leadership, networking, and team building. Read about Martin’s story and his passion for helping students find beneficial programs and resources at the library.

You’ve got this Fellows. Live Your Legacy.

Lupe Ruiz, a proud member of Braven’s first class of Fellows at National Louis University, made a commitment to herself that she would work extremely hard to chase after her dreams and live her legacy. That’s exactly why she enrolled at National Louis University. Read her story.

My First Experience Networking

Ashley Delgado, 2018 Fellow, has a passion for feminism and was determined to find a networking event surrounding women empowerment. Read about her experience at WIN – Women in Leadership Panel — a dynamic discussion for women that are leading in various industries.

Interning at NASA, a critical step on my path to my career

Sanjana Shetty, Fall 2016 Braven Fellow at San Jose State University, interned as a Software Engineer NASA. Read about her incredible experience pursuing STEM and working in the Human-Computer Interaction Department at NASA.