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Hispanic Heritage Month: Reflections from a Dreamer

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, take a look at Fall 2016 Fellow, Cinthya Ortiz’s Blog – “Growing up, this country constantly reminded me that I needed to “echarle ganas” to achieve the same goals as my peers. And even though this country celebrates Hispanic History Month, I was constantly reminded that I was different, solely my documentation status.”

Choosing a Career in Journalism

Choosing a major and a career path can be daunting. The Braven team caught up with San José State University Braven Brand Ambassador, Martin Tran, to learn about his interest in a journalism career.

An Interview with SJSU Post-Accelerator Fellow, Sriram Atluri (‘17 Spring)

Sriram Atluri, Materials Engineering major, reflects on his experience as a Braven Fellow.

Lessons from My Summer Internship at the Women’s Community Clinic

Li Juan shares lessons learned during her summer internship at the Women’s Community Clinic.

Reflections from a Braven and Aspen Young Leaders Fellow

Dyllan Brown-Bramble, Braven Fellow at Rutgers University – Newark, reflects on his experience in the “The Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship”.

A six month retrospective — the Braven Accelerator

Jimmy Vo, student at San Jose State University, reflects on his Braven experience and the doors it has opened for him in his future.

Kaitlyn Iglesias Reflects on Her Internship Interview Experience

Kaitlyn Iglesias reflects on her internship interview process as well as her time at a large accounting firm. Read some of her biggest takeaways!

3 Things I Learned at the Braven Bay Area Hackathon, LinkedIn

Suzette Sandoval, student at San Jose State University, shares the three things she learned at the Braven Bay Area Hackathon at LinkedIn.

Being Braven—From Fellow to Post-Accelerator Fellow

Daniel Edelman, Fall 2016 Braven Fellow, reflects on his experience as a Post-Accelerator Fellow Coach for the Hackathon at LinkedIn in Sunnyvale.

Reflections on the Braven Experience

Amany Emam, Spring 2017 Braven Fellow, shares the impact Braven had on her at the Rutgers University-Newark Capstone Celebration earlier this spring.