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Engineering the future

Meet Antoinette Martin, a Junior studying Computer Engineering at SJSU. She’s also a Braven Fellow, self-made model, and pursues side hustles.

Making my Story, Living my Dream

Meet Carmen Patino, an SJSU Junior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Creative Writing. Now she’s a Braven Fellow!

Say What?

Meet Gabe Golden, a Linguistics major at San Jose State University. He wants to open his own school to combine teaching leadership and multiple languages.

#Sidehustle series: Find a way and never give up

Asia Robinson is an ambitious third year studying Psychology at San Jose State University. The Braven community proudly supports Asia!

A Message that Matters: Meet Tori Castro

Meet Tori, a recent Public Relations Graduate from SJSU. Her #sidehustle is personal branding. Read about how Tori helps our Fellows with their own brands.