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Widening the path to the American promise

Braven Chicago Executive Director and Executive MBA student, Jonathan Chaparro ’22 wants to make high-quality education and career success more attainable for first-generation college students and students from humble beginnings.

How to address disparities for Black students in higher ed

Providing our institutions of higher education with equitable resources tied to data-driven strategies can make meaningful differences in student success.

Through family foundation, ex-McDonald’s CEO adds education as focus in helping entrepreneurs

The CAFE aims to provide financial and capacity-building support to Black nonprofit leaders in education — leaders like Aimeé Eubanks Davis, founder and CEO of Braven.

How post-pandemic America can help college students launch careers

In addition to getting the half-million college hopefuls back to school, our leaders need to ensure that millions of college students from low-income backgrounds can put their hard-earned degrees to work.

Gucci Changemakers Opens Application Process for Second Round

Gucci today opened the application process for the second round of its North America Changemakers Initiative including the Scholarship Program and Impact Fund for nonprofit organizations. Past recipients of the Impact Fund have included Braven Chicago, which helped 170 diverse college students from National Louis University land jobs after graduation.

UChicago interns help underserved students achieve career success

This summer, amid a difficult financial time, UChicago added capacity to Braven through its funded internships, which was a win-win for the organization and students and alumni alike – including four undergraduate Metcalf interns, one College Kimpton Fellow, and one graduate intern from the Harris School of Public Policy. These interns helped Braven expand its services in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

UChicago Civic Engagement Spotlight: Braven

Agood first job out of college lays the foundation for a lifetime of career success — but low-income and first-generation students have long faced barriers to getting those jobs. A study by the Brookings Institution showed that in their first jobs, these college graduates earn 66 cents for every dollar earned by high-income graduates from the same schools. That drops to 50 cents in mid-career, and by late in their careers they’re likely to earn less than a high-income student who has only a high school diploma. Aimée Eubanks Davis founded the nonprofit Braven in 2013 to close that gap. 

Guest Spotlight: Q&A With Leader of Braven’s Chicago Market

Kindle Communications virtually sat down with Jonathan Chaparro, a Chicago native and the leader of Braven’s Chicago market, to ask him a few questions about his role, Braven’s mission, the impact of COVID on students and families in Chicago, and how we can play a role in empowering the next generation of leaders.

Braven Named Gucci Changemakers Impact Fund Recipient

Braven was recently named a Gucci Changemakers Impact Fund recipient and was celebrated at Gucci’s popup in Chicago this weekend. Fellows were provided the opportunity to meet with executives and celebrities including Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri.

Braven’s Founder and CEO Selected for Obama Foundation Fellowship

Braven’s Founder & CEO Aimée Eubanks Davis was selected by the Obama Foundation to join the second ever Fellows class in 2019!