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How to Close the Networking Gap

This Braven Fellow learned how to seek the kind of professional connections he would have had trouble making on his own as the child of a construction worker and night-shift lab technician who emigrated from Macedonia a decade ago.

Braven Helps RU-N Students Find Job Success After Graduation

Braven, a national nonprofit that helps Rutgers-Newark students land strong jobs after graduation, announced that fellows in its program last year had higher rates of job attainment compared with other students in the U.S.

Braven Puts Rutgers-Newark Students On Their Path To Success

Braven’s focus is on economic mobility–not just stability–for Fellows. And, Braven Fellows are proving what’s possible, according to the 2022 Newark Jobs Report.

Rutgers-Newark Braven Fellows Outpace Peers Nationally in Strong Job Attainment, Report Says

A fellowship program at Rutgers University-Newark is increasing students’ chances to attain careers while making a significant dent in the racial and gender wealth gaps.

First-Gen Rutgers Grad Has Five Tips on Mentorship: First, It Takes a Village

Andrej Gjorgiev is a first-generation immigrant and graduate of Rutgers University-Newark’s Class of 2021. He is currently a Program Manager of Workforce Development at Braven. Here are some tips to finding mentors and maintaining your relationships with them.

Why it is imperative to help 1st-generation students get over hidden hurdles — and land that 1st job

In a new country, where his parents had no experience or networks and were working to rebuild from scratch, Degefu felt the pressure to obtain his college degree and land a job that would put him and his family on the path to economic prosperity. Little did he know, there was more to landing a job than a bachelor’s degree. Many will be surprised to learn this fact: Only 30% of our country’s 1.3 million first-generation or low-income college enrollees are predicted to land a strong job after graduation.

Local Nonprofit, Braven, Helps Rutgers-Newark Student Land Job Straight Out of College

Rutgers University-Newark student Christelle Louis shares her experience in Braven and how it provided her the ability to pursue a successful career path.

NBA Awards Newark Nonprofit Grant to Sustain Outreach Programs

Braven can further support its programs aimed to create employment opportunities in Black communities thanks to a recent grant from the NBA Foundation.

Students will graduate soon. We need to help them find a job during a pandemic.

We must expand inclusive programs like Braven, elevate the visibility of Rutgers-Newark, and support public policies that level the playing field.

Braven Fellow Shadene Is Paying it Forward as a Leadership Coach

Shadene Grant, 2016 Braven Fellow, became a Leadership Coach after taking the Accelerator course and is paying it forward to her community.