Celebrating National Mentoring Month: Why You Should Become a Mentor

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In honor of #NationalMentoringMonth, we’re celebrating the inspiring mentors who have had positive impacts on our lives! Mentoring relationships are powerful tools for connection and are critical to Braven’s success. Pave the way for tomorrow’s leaders by getting involved and becoming a Professional Mentor (PM) at Braven!

As part of the Post-Accelerator experience, Braven Fellows searching for internships and full-time jobs can asked to be matched with professionals in their desired career field. That’s where you come in. You can play a critical role in the success of recent or soon-to-be graduates who are entering the job force. Here are three reasons to become a Professional Mentor at Braven.


Make a positive impact

Being a Professional Mentor is more than just helping post-accelerator Fellows with job applications ⁠— it’s making a positive impact and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Do you remember a mentor, teacher, or coach who transformed your life in a positive way? This is your opportunity to do the same for someone else. Whether your Fellow needs help writing a compelling cover letter, polishing their resume, or simply wants to learn more about your career field, you can help them develop their professional skills and prepare them for the next chapter in their life.

Your role, as a Professional Mentor, is simple: to share your knowledge with your Fellow and help them practice the critical professional skills needed in today’s competitive job market. 


Worth the time commitment

Luckily, making a positive impact in the life of a Braven Fellow doesn’t require much time out of your week. 

For 15 weeks (June through September), mentors help Fellows navigate the job application process and help develop their professional skills in weekly, one-hour meetings. And if you’re unsure about finding a time and place that works for the both of you, you’re in luck: meetings with your mentee are virtual (with two in-person meetings) at a mutually convenient time.

Eighty-seven percent of Braven’s Professional Mentors agree that the experience was worth the time invested:

“I have found the PM experience incredibly rewarding, not to mention fun! It has been meaningful to begin to get to know someone who is both at such a crucial phase asking such important questions and so devoted to figuring out what they want to create next in their life. I’ve gotten to relive my own career search and see the whole experience with new perspective. What a gift for me. I couldn’t recommend the PM program more highly.”

-Rosie Shriver, previous Professional Mentor


Braven supports you

We provide Professional Mentors with helpful tools and frameworks to guide you and help ensure you’re making progress with your Braven Fellow. We are united by the belief that our nation is better when the door of opportunity is open to all.


Interested in getting involved? Check out our volunteer opportunities to learn more!