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At Braven, we know that others have paved the way for us on our journeys as students and professionals. Fellows and Leadership Coaches have honored their personal mentors, coaches, and teachers below, and our staff did the same reflection in a blog post.

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Jennifer KehJennifer Keh, Fellow | “My mentor and the person I aspire to be is my father. He made wrong turns and decisions in his life, but he would not be who he is today without them. Learning from those wrong turns gave him the fire and willpower to achieve his goals. He recognized that the only person that dictates his fate is himself. His hard work, dedication, and commitment to helping those in need are what keep me motivated and inspired. Recognizing that wrong turns are necessary to achieving your goals and dreams is key. I have my father to thank for that lesson and hope that I am also able to inspire others.”

Taylor ClarksonTaylor Clarkson, Leadership Coach | “My track coach in high school taught me that there is always going to be someone somewhere who is better than you–smarter, faster, etc.–but it is up to you whether you stay in the game. “You can only be better, playing with the best.” This quote taught me that there is no stronger force than self-doubt in the face of a challenge; however, you can only grow when you face the challenge and push forward. I use this quote everyday. However instead of finding doubt in the face of a challenge, I see opportunity for self-improvement.”

Kevin YangKevin Yang, Leadership Coach | “Jim, my manager at my first job after college, taught me by example how to lead and mentor employees. He treated me and my fellow analysts with the assumption that we were capable, while giving us clear feedback on how to improve. He cared about us as people, and fought for us to get the promotions and opportunities we deserved. Nearly a decade later, his lessons impact every interaction I have at the workplace.”

Shanna Brancato
Shanna Brancato, Fellow
 | “I want to honor my grandparents because they gave up so much to raise me into the wonderful woman I am today. They made sure I was attending school and doing my homework–putting forth the effort they knew I was capable of. Thanks to them I have exceeded many people’s expectations of me. They mean the world to me. I’m excited to graduate from college and make them proud!

Mei WuMei Wu, Leadership Coach | “My community college counselor Sandy believed that I was capable of more than what anybody in my family expected of me. I came into the community college system as a lost and underperforming student. With Sandy’s help, I transferred to a 4-year college believing that it is possible to pursue a career that helps others transform their lives and future outcomes.”

Chris Boling, Leadership Coach
 | “After a relatively long aChris Bolingnd successful career, I made a decision to engage an executive coach. While I had achieved a top leadership position and was a devoted father, somehow I knew there was more–that I had to do the work to get out of my own way and truly lead with my mind, heart, and body. The work with my coach, Andy, changed the course of my life and inspired me to become a professional coach myself. While working with Andy, I developed a far greater sense of self-awareness and pushed my authentic leadership to a new level. I’m living an intentional, passionate, integrated life in service of others and continue to grow, every day.”