Entering the Workforce with Purpose [Part 2 of 3]

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The other day we read Callyn Iwuala’s reflections on her cohort’s visit to Google in New York City. In part two, we hear what Giavanna Vega, a Fall 2015 San José State University Fellow, learned during her Braven experience and her visit to Google’s headquarters.

By Giavanna Vega, Braven San José State University Fellow, Student at San José State University


Giavanna VegaBeing a part of Braven will be an experience I will never forget! Throughout the semester my peers and I learned many valuable lessons we wouldn’t have learned in our other classes; we would have graduated and entered the workforce with little real-life knowledge, but with Braven, we are well-equipped future leaders ready to enter the workforce with purpose.

You may be thinking: “Purpose? Why is ‘purpose’ even relevant when speaking about entering the workforce?” We all have a purpose, and when we tap into what our purpose is we can lead with fire, we can make a difference, and we can inspire! Through our visit to Google, my team and I quickly learned these were values sought by the company. We learned that credentials can only take you so far, but what drives your soul and what sets you apart from the crowd is what can make you a desirable candidate for employment. Companies want diversity–they want their company to evolve–and this can all be possible with individuals who have a purpose and know how to utilize it.

Our trip to Google was an unforgettable memory–one that I reflect on daily. Through this experience, I learned that I can work anywhere. There is no perfect mold: companies want the authentic you to show up to work, and when you can deliver your authentic self, great opportunities will present themselves. The experience at Google made life more exciting. I am now excited to enter the work world with a BANG! Thank you, Google for celebrating your employees’ authenticity!

SJSU Visit to Google