How to Follow Up After a Career Fair

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You went to the career fair, networked with interesting people, and left feeling accomplished. Now what? It’s time to follow up with the professionals you met so you can seal the deal and boost your chances of snagging that dream internship! Follow our tips to learn how.


Why it’s important to follow up

Following up with people you meet at a career fair – whether they’re recruiters, employers, or other students – shows you care about the connection you made and proves that you weren’t just there for small talk. You mean business.

Even if you networked with professionals who are in different industries or who work at companies you’re not necessarily interested in, you can still follow up and build a professional relationship. That individual could become a helpful mentor and potentially lead you to an incredible opportunity someday. (Their network is your network!)


When to follow up

We recommend following up within 24 hours of attending the career fair. This way, you’re fresh in the person’s mind so they’ll have an easier time remembering your name and your conversation.


If you don’t hear back…

If days pass by after you’ve followed up with the people you met and you don’t hear back, don’t freak out. Give it some time before reaching out again – maybe they didn’t see your email or just haven’t gotten to it yet.


How to follow up

Sending an email or personalized LinkedIn invite is a great way to follow up with the recruiters and employers you meet at the career fair. If someone gave you their business card, send a thank you note to the email address on their card.

Check out these great follow-up email examples!



While career fairs are great opportunities to put yourself out there and network with potential employers, it’s still on you to leave that lasting impression. Be sincere, charismatic, and professional when following up. You never know what it’ll lead you to!

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