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The world has changed a lot over the past few months. We know that this new reality is affecting the job market, making it more difficult to navigate the job search process. Given this, Braven is partnering with universities, colleges, college access organizations, and traditional and K-12 charter schools to offer recent graduates the Braven Career Booster.

What You’ll Learn

This virtual boot camp will provide insights into the current job market and how it has changed due to COVID-19 and the recession. You will learn which industries have been impacted the most and which fields are emerging at a more rapid pace. From developing strong resumes, portfolios, and leveraging LinkedIn, the Career Booster will set you up for success in your job searching processes.

What You’ll Gain

Participate in Braven’s Career Booster to practice networking and grow your network with other boot camp participants, which have major implications for job seekers according to LinkedIn and are more important now than ever with a tightened job market. After completing the virtual boot camp, you will gain access to an exclusive Braven national group of peers and professionals, with whom you’ll be able to continue to network. The Career Booster also offers 1:1 coaching sessions with volunteers from companies like LinkedIn. 

Here’s What Participants Had to Say:

      • “There’s a lot I didn’t know about the job application and search process. I learned that I need to apply for more jobs in this job market, tailor my cover letter and resume for every job I’m applying for, and that receiving feedback is so important throughout the process. I’ve enjoyed connecting with graduates from other universities who are going through the same experience as me.” —Luciana A, SJSU 2020 graduate
      • “I struggled with building my network. That’s one of my biggest fears when trying to find a job. The program taught me to put myself out there. It’s okay if you get denied. When one person tells me no, I can just go to the next.”Taneshia D, Jackson State 2019 graduate
      • “I definitely grew through the program. I’m more on the introverted side–shyer than I wish I was. The Booster was more interactive than I expected and helped me connect with others. I really didn’t expect me to be so open to getting feedback and allowing others all over the country to give me constructive ways to be better. I’m open to new opportunities now too.” Alondra M, Yale 2019 graduate

We believe that you can use your talents, hard work, and resilience to overcome the challenges of today’s economic crisis. To students everywhere–you’re steps away from landing the job you’ve worked so hard for.

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