Our Beliefs as an Organization

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As we enter into the weekend, Aimée sent out an email to all our Fellows expressing her sentiments coming out of the election this week.


Hi Fellows,

Since Tuesday night I have been thinking intensely about what the recent election means for our country’s future and especially for our young people, including my own three children and you all who are courageously finding your leadership and path.

There are a few things that are absolutely core to this community that have been helping me make sense of this complex and messy moment in our nation’s history. First, we are so, so blessed to be part of a diverse community—a community made up of individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, different religions, different sexual orientations, different perspectives and beliefs. This diversity is core to our strength. It advances our ability to understand one another, to have compassion for one another, and to do everything within our power to create a world where all of us are safe and can succeed. If one thing is clear from this week, as a nation, we need to do so much more to know one another across lines of difference and to unite around our shared humanity and belief in this country’s highest aspirations.

Second, our community is centered on the belief that the strength of our nation has and always will be our bold and diverse talent. For America to succeed, all Americans need opportunity and access to professional success, economic stability and the ability to unleash their leadership. And, given the hard work that lies ahead for our country, it is more clear to me than ever that we must nurture a leadership force that is diverse as our future challenges demand.

Finally, I’ve been struck by the energy of our community. I spent time earlier this week with members of our Bay Area team and Newark teams. I also got to visit with Fellows who were setting up for a post-course experience event at Rutgers-Newark. Everywhere I went people were already working to understand, rather than dismiss. To build, rather than tear down. To act, rather than retreat. To love, rather than hate. This positive and proactive inclination is what will ensure that as a country we continue to create a more equitable, just and inclusive union.

I hope we’ll all reach out to one another, care for one another, and talk and plan with one another as we’re collectively forging the path to a stronger tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a restful weekend.

Warm regards,