Say What?

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Meet Gabe Golden, a Linguistics major at San Jose State University.


Entering your senior year of college should be relatively relaxed, but Gabe’s is anything but chill. Gabe’s #sidehustle is to learn multiple languages and he is using his senior year to build on that knowledge.

“I know Japanese, German, French, Italian, and English to name a few,” says Gabe.
Talk about going the extra mile!

In total, he is fluent in 8 languages! Apps like Duolingo help him stay organized and on track- so he can keep learning more every day.

“I am preparing myself to be a more marketable officer in the Marines,” says Gabe.

The Braven community proudly supports Gabe and his future aspirations to live his legacy. He hopes to one day open up his own school where he can combine teaching leadership and multiple languages. Way to go Gabe! To learn more about our Fellows, visit our Instagram page @BeBraven.