NEW OPPORTUNITY: Professional Mentor Program

If you’ve completed The Braven Accelerator, you can apply to be matched with a Professional Mentor (PM). If you’re selected to participate, your PM will share your professional interests and support you on your path to securing a quality postgraduate opportunity.

Our spring/summer mentorship program is currently in process. Our fall application deadline will be announced in early summer.

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“I joined Braven because I wanted to expand my skills, develop a diverse networking community, and become a role model for students like me.”
Robert MedinaRobertMedina

“I joined Braven because I wanted to reach my full potential and learn how to network. The program gave me the chance to meet students with similar professional desires and learn how to better present myself to others.”
Diana Garcia-ValenciaDianaGarcia-Valencia

“Braven helped strengthen my teamwork and leadership skills. I connected and networked with other smart, ambitious students and discovered my career path.”
Ciara KansiimeCiaraKansiime

“Braven provided a rare opportunity for me to learn and develop as a young professional. The program surrounded me with mentors and other Fellows that had similar aspirations as me.”
Salvador Rodriguez, Jr.SalvadorRodriguezJr