Our core program, The Braven Accelerator, is a rigorous, experiential program in the form of a semester-long course. The principal facilitators of this experience are you, our extraordinary volunteers, called Leadership Coaches. Coming from all walks of life, you have in common your deep belief that our nation is better off when a person’s starting point does not limit her opportunities. As a Braven Leadership Coach, you’ll ensure our Fellows are ready to be your colleagues in a few short years.

As a Leadership Coach, you guide our nation’s future leaders through this meaningful experience. At the same time, you develop and practice leadership and management skills that accelerate your own career. You also strengthen your own network and deepen your connection to the community in which you live and/or work.

This unique, high-impact volunteer opportunity employs a primarily virtual coaching model. Leadership Coaches are on-site for a limited number of in-person events over the course of the semester and otherwise meet with your cohort virtually. For specific details on expectations, criteria, and upcoming application, selection, and onboarding timelines, visit our Coaching Commitment Details page. Volunteer as a coach today!


  • Work directly with a team of 5-8 college-level Fellows for a semester
  • Facilitate a weekly evening “lab” – meeting primarily virtually
  • Give real-world application to leadership concepts by sharing your experiences and career knowledge
  • Support each Fellow to design her personal career vision and goals – and a roadmap to get there
  • Experience our signature Saturday workshop, Story of Self, a high-impact, professionally-facilitated immersion in storytelling
  • Provide feedback to help students build high-quality portfolios
  • Expose Fellows to your network and other unique opportunities


Build upon and apply the skills that help you succeed in your career:

  • Managing and motivating a diverse team towards a shared goal
  • Applying problem solving frameworks (e.g., design thinking)
  • Giving feedback to individuals and teams
  • Storytelling as an evidence-based leadership practice

Scout new talent for your organization:

  • Develop authentic, values-based relationships
  • Connect how your values influenced your career choices and led you to where you are today


“Braven is the most meaningful and challenging volunteer experience I’ve had. Watching the Fellows grow as leaders over the course of the semester instills me with a sense of purpose.”
— Kevin Yang,
Leadership Coach ’15
“Braven promotes not only growth in others but growth in oneself. Witnessing Fellows’ remarkable progress is inspiring and has compelled me to act on my own behalf to develop professionally.”
— Julie Kash,
Leadership Coach ’15
“Serving as a Leadership Coach is an incredibly rewarding experience and an opportunity to pay it forward and help strengthen the workforce. It is energizing to work with such young, intelligent future professionals.”
— Keith Smoak,
Leadership Coach ’15